About Me

Hi my name is Irene and I am enrolled in the Master of Teaching.  I completed a BSc majoring in programming and chemistry in the 1980′s during a time when mainframe computers were the size of rooms.  It’s sad but true that almost all of the computer languages I learnt have been relegated to museums.  I completed a Grad Dip in Secondary Education in the early 90′s and spent a number of years teaching adults in a private training organisation and TAFE.

I am hoping to use the skills I learn in this class to find innovate ways to advertise study pathways to students.  I am currently working in the course governance area at Victoria University and am studying as I love going to class and learning new things (although not so keen on homework) and would like to keep my options open for returning to teaching.


One response to “About Me

  1. well done Irene, you are cleverer than you think!

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